What is Pepperstone? Pepperstone Brokers Review Pros and Cons (All Data)


Pepperstone  Overall score 4.18

Founded in 2010, Pepperstone is headquartered in Melbourne. Australia There is a sub office in Dallas. USA, Shanghai, China and Bangkok, 29th Floor, The Office at CentralWorld.
Pepperstone is a very popular broker in the present. But in Thailand Pepperstone is not fully marketed in Thailand as it does in other brokers. It makes sense that the system of brokers is too much for the system of Pepperstone Thailand, especially the withdrawal system should be improved.

Pepperstone Trust

Pepperstone is licensed by the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and is under the supervision of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
Another of Pepperstone’s other credentials is the security of the customer’s funds. Pepperstone separates the customer’s account from the company’s account. The funds are deposited in various financial institutions in Australia. This includes the National Australia Bank,



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Security of investment in accounts
The security of the deposit account is known as Pepperstone, because Pepperstone has separate accounts of customers from the company’s accounts. The funds are deposited in various financial institutions in Australia. This includes the National Australia Bank,
(4.5 points)
Pepperstone is a solid broker. Pepperstone has been founded over 8 years and is under the supervision of ASIC under the supervision of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Pepperstone’s trading experience is quite reliable and there is not much negative news.
(3.5 points)
Deposit withdrawal
Depositing funds for customers in Thailand this point is a weakness of Pepperstone, it is because if you withdraw. The system will notify you that it may take up to 1-3 days for me. It’s a lot of money. I do not sleep well if I withdraw money into a Thai bank account because the broker in the Forex market is a foreign company that does not have Thai law. The longer it takes to withdraw money, the more uncomfortable. If the money is not in, I do not know where to go from. This is not the case. But for peace of mind, the money is better. In addition, the reason for the low score in this article is from the deposit-withdrawal channel. It is not quite as diversified as compared to other brokers. There is also a minimum deposit of $ 200 or about 6,600 baht.
(4.5 points)
Currency Trading Currency
Pepperstone has several asset classes to trade over 72 types of metals, metals, commodities, gold, silver. 
(4.5 points)
Customer Care
Pepperstone brokers are well known in Thailand for their care. There are a variety of channels to contact. Whether it is via email, chat line or call (toll free), but no contact in Thai language on Saturday – Sunday. Many traders who are not good at English, if you have questions during the week. May have to wait until Monday to be able to inquire. If you have any questions. Please inquire at the office hours only, because Pepperstone is available to help from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 19:00. Contact telephone 1800 011 155 (toll free from Thailand) or contact via line chat @pepperstone.
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Pepperstone has a lot of options compared to other brokers because Pepperstone has a 1: 1 to 1: 500 rating. risky But there are a lot of options for traders to choose.
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Pepperstone has a very cheap spreadsheet. Razor accounts start at 0.0 pips.
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Trading on the MetaTrader 4
Trading with Pepperstone is a great way to go. The MT4 can be traded on a variety of channels, such as iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, android, cTrader or on the WebTrader can be traded is very convenient.
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Account type
Pepperstone has four types of accounts: Standard account, Razor account, Islamic account, Active Trader account, each account has different conditions. To answer most traders. For retail traders, we recommend Standdard accounts.
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Brokers Activities
Pepperstone brokers do not have any competitive trades, bonuses or promotions. This is not a disadvantage for traders who are not interested in competitive trades or promotions.
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Points from Forex.com
In general, Pepperstone is one of the best brokers in the world. Severity and low spreads are another important feature. But the main points will be deducted from the deposit system and activities of the broker. The broker’s activities are not serious, so I did not deduct this point in this article.