What is eToro? EToro Broker Review Pros and Cons (All Data)


eToro Total Score 2.72

eToro was founded in 2007 with offices in two countries: London, England, Limassol, Cyprus.

eToro is a world-famous broker. But for Thailand eToro may not be very familiar because the broker does not have a Thai web page and no current Thai support. This makes the popularity of this broker. The score is quite unbelievable. However, this score is the score given by the trader’s point of view in Thailand. If you are a trader From other countries You may be more likely to rate eToro brokers.

EToro Reliability

eToro has received numerous licenses. For more information, please refer to the link below.



Security of investment in accounts
eToro is a global broker. Has long been known Security is quite good that it is.
eToro is one of the most reliable brokers, but over the last 3-4 years, eToro has become more popular. If this is the case, then eToro will probably get a full 5 points, but now the score drops significantly. If not developed in many parts. Predictably, the score will definitely decrease.
Deposit withdrawal
When the eToro broker rarely support Thai customers. This is not a surprise as to why it has scored less. EToro withdrawal channels are less than other brokers. Minimum deposit and withdrawal fees are higher than other brokers. The withdrawal from the broker eToro it takes longer than many brokers. Only 2 points out of 5.
Currency Trading Currency
There are many different currencies to trading traders. Whether it is a leading pair of currencies such as EURUSD, EURGBP, XAUUSD and many more. There are also digital currency. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC) are also available to traders as freely as brokers.
Customer Care
For Thai people who are not good at language, this may be 0 points because the eToro broker does not support Thai language and no Thai page. This makes the score from Trader’s perspective very little Thai.
High Leverage may not be a good thing, but Leverage is a good choice, but eToro has a Leverage of only 1: 400, which is less than the average broker.
eToro is one of the brokers in the Forex market that has a relatively higher spreads than other brokers.
Trading on the MetaTrader 4
eToro can not trade on MT4, but trader can trade on eToro. If any trader is good at analyzing MT4, then this can be done at 0.
Account type
eToro will have two types of accounts: Basic Account with minimum deposit of $ 50 and Premium Account with minimum deposit of $ 20,000.
Brokers Activities
EToro brokers are not focused on marketing in Thailand. This is why there are no activities for Thai people. But other countries do not have it.
Points from Forex.com
First of all, understand that eToro brokers are quite different from other brokers. His strength is not in general trading. Highlights at CopyTrade or Social Trading may make eToro brokers not suitable for general traders in Thailand, but I give 3.5 points because he can do the purpose of the broker quite well. But the score I give is a rating from the Trader perspective in Thailand. The eToro score is the lowest that it has.