What is Bull Market (Bull Market) and Bear Market (Bear Market)?


Many beginners traders who start to study in the Forex market may find many strange terms. I wonder what those words mean. Because if you do not understand those words. It is difficult to understand the article. Difficult to understand the content. The term commonly used by technical analysts in the Forex market is Bull Market and Bear Market. Many of them may be wondering what these words mean. how This is the source of this article we will take to get to know the Bull Market (Bull Market) and Bear Market (Bear Market) is what?

Before going to learn about this vocabulary. I want everyone to know the trends in the Forex market.

1. Upward trend (Uptrend)
Upward trend or Uptrend refers to the trend of moving prices in a rising pattern. Normally, if the price is likely to rise up, make a profit.

2. Downtrend
Downtrend is a downward trend in price movement. Normally, if prices are expected to fall, sell to profit.

3. Sideways trend
The trend is moving sideways or sideways. The trend is moving in a sideways fashion. Not to one direction. Cause uncertainty Many traders will not trade in the Sideway because they do not know the price trend. However, some traders may profit from the uncertainty of the trend from resistance.

What is Bull Market?

Bull Market (Bull Market) refers to a market that is in a uptrend or Uptrend. The cause is called the Bull Market or bull market. Gore Or gore up the price. Many people think of the bison. The bison has a gore. That way the price is like a bull bender. It is the origin of the word “Bull Market or bull market”.

What is Bear Market?

Bear Market (Bear market) refers to a market that is downward trend or downtrend cause is called Bear Market or bear market because bear’s behavior is. Bringing hands with sharp nails down. Slap the victim down Or to slap it down. Many people think of the bear’s behavior. The price has fallen down like a bear. It is the origin of the word “bear market”.