Exness with Thai people


Exness is another Forex broker that can be said to be the broccoli that most Thais who trade in Forex know. Because of the long operation Have a large customer base And continuously collaborating with partners to pioneer and penetrate the Thai market. At the same time, the Exness webpage is available in many languages. There is a customer service at least 13 languages ​​worldwide, including Thai. And can deposit, withdraw through Thai banks immediately, every day, no holidays

History of Exness

Exness is a broker established in 2008 by name separated by country in which the company is registered and licensed.

Exness Limited is based in St Vincent and Grenadines is the parent company registered there.

Exness UK Ltd. is licensed by FCA (Finaicial Conduct Authority) in England.

Exness (CY) Ltd is licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commision)

The services trade would depend on whether the company is registered with the broker in Fort Rex Exness.

Exness has a wide variety of products for you to choose to trade in both Forex and CFDs (now see more social trading for traders who want to use copytrading service). Trading on the popular trading platform is Metatrader 4. / 5 including other platforms Depends on the customer choosing to use There are many types of accounts to choose from.

For the Metatrder 4 platform, there are Cent, Mini, ECN, and Classic accounts. For Metatrader 5, there are Mini and Classic accounts for traders to choose from. That makes Forex broker Exness reliable. And the trading environment is professional Including providing professional services as well

Advantages of Exness brokers

Minimum deposit to start trading is very small, starting from 1 dollar: if depositing less, I recommend depositing into cent accounts to increase the amount of the remaining balance. In which you will be able to practice trading real money without having to invest a lot

Unilimited story. Unlimited leverage: Traders who understand leverage can take advantage of this point with little investment. But can be very profitable

No commissions: Trading costs are included in the spread at all (except ECN accounts that have separate commissions charged), which do not include swap fees for open trades held over the day.

0% for margin used to keep orders in Heikhgan

Deposits are easy to withdraw. Can be deposited via Thai banks. For Thai people: It takes a few minutes (almost immediately) to deposit – withdraw. There are many Thai banks to choose from.

Disadvantages of Exness brokers

1. The account opening demo to demo. Must have previous accounts It will be opening an account

2.The minimum deposit amount for Classic accounts is 2000 dollars.

3.No bonus

4. Leverage is limited to 1: 200 for ECN trading accounts.

5.There is a commission charged for ECN accounts.

6. The 100% margin is used for opening open orders for ECN accounts.