To a newbie learning Online Forex Trading, it looks very simple in the beginning.
Fifteen years ago, you would not hear about people trading on the Forex market—at least not real people
The first step in technical analysis is to learn to read the charts. Here are a few basic lessons to guide your early attempts.
Successful trading is not an easy job and in a market like foreign exchange one miscalculation
The Forex market has a downside: you could lose. But even the downside has an upside
1st MTRADING broker MTrading is Europe's leading brokerage company with branches in many countries around the world. MTrading has opened its own direct broking business to serve more than 6 traders in Thailand but opened in Europe more than 17...
Trader income in the Forex market comes from profit taking, speculation in trading. In addition to trading income. Traders can also make money by being part of the brokers. By being an Affiliate, Introducing Broker (IB) or Partner, these enable traders to...
Anyone who is vaguely familiar with gambling knows that the house has the odds in their favor
Forex is more risky than the stock market but nearly 12,500,000 people in the United States today own common stock

What Is Currency Trading?

Currency trading is the largest market on the planet. It is estimated that in excess of US$2 trillion is traded every day
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