About trading fees with FBS


What is FBS

FBS Broker was established in 2009 in Belize, with offices in China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Jordan, Vietnam and Russia, providing services for trading Forex CFDs, stocks and metals with the Metatrader 4/5 platform. The website has 18 languages, with traders. Over 13 million people and over 170,000 partners from more than 130 countries.

FBS brokers use a mixed forex broker model, STP (Straight Through Processiing) and ECN (Electronic Communications Network) without NDD (No Dealing Desk), because the broker wants to assure clients that the order opened Or arrange to send directly to the liquidity provider because it will give customers the real market price To prevent the requotes when opening trades, FBS brokers are licensed by IFSC and CySEC.

How to see the cost of trading. First of all, you must first understand where the income of the forex broker comes from. The main income of the broker comes from The cost of trading or trading transactions and composing spread includes Therefore, trading commissions may or may not be included in the same spot as the spread, depending on the broker’s approach. Therefore creating a trading account without commission And with a commission Most of the commissions have direct quotes from the market or liquidity providers, resulting in less spread. Another cost that traders have to bear for themselves for all types of accounts if holding SWAP-Free accounts if not trading SWAP-Free accounts. FBS brokers have divided their account types into

The Cent account is suitable for traders who are just starting out. Spread from 1 pip

Fixed Micro accounts with 3 pips depending on currency pairs

Standard accounts combine trading costs to a single point, spread from 0.5 pip.

Zero Spread accounts. Even with a spread of 0, trading costs fall at commissions starting at $ 20 per 1 lot.

ECN accounts, low spreads (market fluctuations), costs fall at commissions

With Cent, Micro, Standard accounts will not have commissions. Because the trading costs will be included in all spread, starting at 1 pip for Cent, 3 pip for Micro and 0.5 pip for Standard. For Zero Spread accounts, even though the lock spread is set at 0, but when looking at The cost is from $ 20 per lot. While the commission is considered quite high, while ECN accounts have a maximum leverage of only 500, the trading cost is just $ 6 per lot. When trading against Zero Spread opening lot 1.00 (You can see that although spreads are less for Zero Spread and ECN accounts, the cost of trading you have to look at) because especially if you trade a lot, the cost of trading Will increase accordingly If the cost of each order opened is high

Advantages of FBS brokers

Leverage up to 3000: Suitable for traders who take advantage of leverage to gain more profits when trading with less capital.

Opening trades or managing orders quickly

Open all demo accounts: allow clients to test trading strategies in each account

For Thais, deposits can be made via online banking in the country straight away. With a selection of up to 9 banks