5 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Forex EA from the Market to Be Yours


Forex trading has many ways. Some are self-trading. I use a robot or trading robot, also known as Expert Advisors (EA). Personally, I like to trade hands and use EA because I think it is a way to generate passive income. We may need to spend some time and techniques in selecting EA Forex, unless you write the EA yourself. This article is not important to you. If you can not write EA yourself, you will have to learn how to choose EA that looks and works. This article will focus on you. So if you want to know how to choose EA Forex is good, try the 5 tips below to try it. Simple but effective!


1. Choose the EA that show on Myfxbook always.

EA Forex is the best EA to have backward display or to do back test for us to see it, the more back test we have to see back to much. It shows the opportunity to make more profits, but not that good back test will be profitable in the market. But what better way to see the results of the back test is to actually trade in the market through Myfxbook, and you can check out the awesome EA there.


Read the review article about the EA itself.

In addition to the first. The next step is You should read the reviews that mention the EA is offline. Check and see if What do people generally write to or try to review it. It will be very easy. If you read English So practice your skills with this one.


3. Contact EA Developer for questions.

When you have enough information about the EA, the next thing you should do is to ask questions you may have with the developer. I want you to ask The question is that the door to make a purchase or use EA to increase it. I think this approach is important. And should be understood.


4. Test 3 months before you really go.

When you ask to be sure, then test the EA for at least 3 months. The test here is to run EA on the market with Demo account, because the data from the back test alone is not enough. Let’s see what the outcome is. Mostly if EA is not good often results. The result may result in you losing. But that’s good. We will cancel the EA immediately before you lose money from the real account.


5. Make A / B Test to help you find the best EA Forex.

The A / B Test is to test and determine which EA is the best for profit by bringing your chosen EA together and comparing it. This method allows us to see the best Forex EA that is right for you.


All of this is a simple way to find EA, but it can be used to practice it. Especially if you are a beginner. I strongly advise you to try trading with EA. You may like and discover ways to make money from Forex with EA.