Include 5 reasons why you should start trading with exness today.


I think back in the days that they are still in the forex trading market about 8 years ago, I agree that the first broker that is trading is Marketiva, but the broker is English but the application is difficult. At that time there were very few options and almost no Thai until exness came to market in Thailand. There are both Thai and Thai chat channels. Exness is still a broker that I have always been impressed with until now. For reasons like that, think so. The authors include the following reasons:


1. Register very easy.

The author recalls. Among broker registrations, brokers exness seem to be the easiest broker to subscribe to. Maybe from that cause. The broker is ready to pick the information that is useful and not cluttered, reducing the process of filling the application is very simple. If you are lazy, sign up! Try exness to see it (the more you subscribe to the new subscription is very easy).


2. Broker account system that is easy to understand and meet all needs.

Exness’s account is easy to understand and easy to understand. Cent accounts, Mini accounts, Classic accounts, and ECN accounts. Cent accounts are denominated in Cent, with $ 1 being 100 Cent. Cent accounts are for beginner traders who want to trade a lot but have no capital. $ 100 is equal to 10,000 Cent accounts. The Mini account is the same as the Cent account, but this currency account is the normal currency for every trader. The Classic account is similar to a Mini account, but the account None is perfect for traders who have invested quite a lot. There is a minimum deposit of $ 2,000 or about 66,000 baht and a minimum of 0.1Lot. But the advantage of this account is. Lower spreads than mini accounts. ECN accounts are ideal for traders with relatively high capital requirements and high security. There is a minimum deposit of $ 300 or approximately 9, 900 baht, no spreads Low commissions but low leverage. It can be traded less than other accounts with equal capital.


3. Can deposit – withdraw money easily.

Simple withdrawal and many channels. You can use your bank account to deposit directly to your account immediately. Without waiting a long time. For myself to be able to forex trading, which, from my experience, it takes less than 5 minutes too fast.


4. Easy Contact Team Get help very well.

If you have problems with exness account can contact broker very easy. Can be contacted many channels. Phone number 001800 1562060192. Free calls from Thailand (Thai people) can chat on the page. Can I send an email? [email protected] They will be back soon.


5. There is no problem cheating. Or pay not straight.

People do not want to have problems with paying, including exness. So if you do not want the funds to trade forex, then risk trading with exness is a good choice. Your problem will definitely be gone! Normally, the money is paid for more than 24 hours, if it is over 24 hours. You can send an email to exness by attaching a bank account that you have withdrawn at [email protected]


The 5 reasons are that the author decided to continue using the broker exness until today. So if you are a beginner And looking for brokers to forex trading as brokers started, maybe exness may be your broker’s answer. Forex trading is a high risk. Investors should study the information well before investing.