Affiliate, Introducing Broker (IB), Partner


Trader income in the Forex market comes from profit taking, speculation in trading. In addition to trading income. Traders can also make money by being part of the brokers. By being an Affiliate, Introducing Broker (IB) or Partner, these enable traders to make more money.


What is Affiliate?

Affiliate system of distribution of goods and services from the owner. By the middleman or marketer (Internet Marketer), the owner will divide the market share to marketers, but the agreement.

Affiliates are two types of 
CPA (Cost per action)
  is when the marketer has a list of contacts and contacts of interested customers. Marketers will get their share of the terms agreed. 
PPC (Pay per click)  style is to place ads on the site. Mostly when people click on the ad. Webmasters will also earn revenue from ad clicks (data from ).

But in the Forex market, Affiliate or Affiliate Broker refers to being a marketing affiliate in the form of introducing brokers. Invite to open an account with the broker. If you are interested in learning more about forex trading, you can contact us by email or call us. The returns are different for each broker, but the term affiliate is often not popular in the Forex market, often referred to as a Partner or IB (Introducing Broker).

What is an IB or Introducing Broker?

IB stands for Introducing Broker, meaning that brokers recommend. It is similar to an affiliate. IB is a marketing affiliate. In the brochure introduction. Invite to open an account with the broker. By using the method of invitations to teach forex trading or Forex trading website, it is recommended to open an account through the IB link with the suggestion or post on his website. The returns are different for each broker.


What is a Partner?

Partner refers to a partner in the Forex market. Being a Partner Forex means being a partner. A Broker is a broker, a partner. A partner is similar to an IB and an affiliate, but a partner is a smaller and lesser position. But it will be less rewarding than being an IB and Affiliate.

Why not become a IB or Affiliate Partner for higher returns? 
To be a partner, IB or affiliate, usually the broker will consider the position as appropriate.



Affiliate, Introducing Broker (IB), Partner is inviting traders to open an account with the broker. The trader will have a trading session with us. In general, brokers have a fixed rule. “Advertising is not allowed. Do not copy to the customer to open the account, do not raise the post ban until it is annoying. Forex trading is not risky or low risk.